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Finding the perfect home design is not always easy. After trawling through countless websites, display homes and magazines, it can feel as though nobody has the right design to suit you or your style. You may like some elements of a home design – the kitchen or the décor, a bathroom or bedroom detail – but it still doesn’t tick all the boxes.

This is where a custom built home is the only way to go and why Hunter Group Homes builders in Hunter Valley are the perfect choice. It may start with a simple pencil sketch on the back of a napkin or beer coaster. A few random lines that begin to shape your thoughts and ideas. This creative process is something we ‘get’ at Hunter Group Homes. We love working with our clients to take those expressions, capture them, work with them, and interpret ideas into a totally unique custom built home for you. A home that expresses your individual style and says something about who you are and how you like to live.

At Hunter Group Homes, our skilful designers, architects, and consultants have years of experience in delivering amazing homes of all shapes and sizes, for all budgets and tastes. As builders, we understand building costs and how design impacts on budget, and this knowledge translates into fantastic and affordable creative outcomes.

Start your custom home journey today. Send us your scribbles, your notes, your photos, and your ideas, and let’s work together to bring them to life and fulfil the dream of designing and building your own creation. It will be an exciting and rewarding journey that we would love to be a part of.


Have you bought the perfect block but it’s lacking the perfect custom built home? Or perhaps you love the location you live in but your home is starting to show its age. A Knock Down and Rebuild in Hunter Valley is an excellent solution and Hunter Group Homes will partner with you to ensure the experience is as smooth as possible.

No change of address, no need to move the kids to a different school – just a new house custom-designed to your requirements in an area where you already feel at home.


Home Extensions

Home extensions offer a brilliant solution to households that are a little stuck for space. Whether you're not quite ready to move house altogether but need more room to get you through the next few years, or if you want to turn your house into your forever home by maxing out its potential, you're in the right place for advice on where to start and for inspiring house extension ideas too. 

What's great about a house extension, is that it comes with options. Whether you're considering an orangery, or a simple rear home extension to keep costs down, there are a multitude of routes to take to help achieve your desired result, and to make best use of your budget too. Whether you are on a tight budget or not, book in a free appointment for  advice on extending a house for meeting your budget criteria, contact Hunter Group Homes for planning and designing your house extension. 

Want to build an extension for $50,000? We've got achievable suggestions for that, and much more. Whether your budget is $50,000, $500,000, or something in-between, we have plenty of innovative ways to make that house extension happen, in a way that suits your household needs and your financial situation too. Even if you have much, much more to spend, we can show you how to add value to your home with an extension of a larger footprint. 

Before making plans, – whether a rear extension for your home, a single storey extension from 1930s, a loft extension on a terraced house, or an expansive double storey extension.

Project Management

Owner builders or anyone planning to build a sustainable home can gain a lot of confidence by engaging the service of Hunter Group Homes project management to help manage your construction. Professional project management for owner builders is a proven way to ensure your project is properly organised and all budgeted. This is critical if you want to secure a loan to carry out your own construction.

We specialise in complete project delivery from design to project management for owner builders or anyone wanting more control over their building project.Unlike signing a contract with a builder where you are locked into a fixed cost and design, you are able to maintain flexibility of design and make savings which can remain yours……not the builder! We work with you every step of the way to make managing your project simple to understand. Every project is unique and will be managed with specific detail.

Programs are made specifically for your project which contain forecast cost and cash flows for the entire project. The project is broken into a simple to understand sequence of works that tracks the progress of your job. Updated cash flow reports keep you on track of your finances. If you are hoping to get a loan from a financial institution or bank then engaging a professional company to do project management for is one way to ensure your loan will be approved.

Owner builders without prior knowledge of the building industry can get into trouble if they try to do too much without professional help. Most of our advice is free and contained within this website. However if you require individual attention then we are happy to help you and the cost associated with our services are fixed and packages starting from 2% total project cost. Each package individually tailored to the amount you want Hunter Group Homes involved  We see this as a cheap form of insurance to keep you on track and on budget.


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